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Iraq: the heart of the world



Iraq: the heart of the world

For too many decades in Italy, Europe and the world, Realpolitik imposed silence on the massacres and genocides committed in Iraq. A small group of people have tried to keep alive the fight against this system of collusion and horrors as well as rekindle the memory of the martyrs. Since the fall of that bloodthirsty regime, the linking between old and new terrorism is making the Iraqi people pay a high price in blood.
The new democratic and pluralist Iraq fuels the hope that the people from Iraq and its institutions can finally live in peace and prosperity.
This book aims to relate the present to the past, and to the epochal upheavels suffered by Iraq over the millennia. But Iraq has always risen again from its ruins and the light of its civilization still enlightens hearts and minds.

Il presente lavoro è stato pubblicato per conto dell’Ambasciata dell’Iraq in Italia,
che ne cura direttamente la distribuzione

is a researcher at the Faculty of Political Studies of the Second University of Naples, where she teaches "History of Islamic countries". An expert about Kurds and Kurdistan, she has held seminars at the Universities of Erbil and Sulaimaniya, in Iraqi Kurdistan. She is the author of 15 books and over 150 studies on the subject, translated into many languages.

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